• Keeping the wheels turning

    Keeping the wheels turning

    Kenneth Teh found another way to move his family’s business forward

    KIT Loong Commercial Tyre Group managing director Kenneth Teh Jit Chyn, 54, knows the importance of having a sustainable business model.

    As a tyre management solutions provider, which provides tyre distribution, tyre retreading services and tyre leasing services, the company has continued to reinvent itself through tough times so that it will emerge from the storm on a better footing.

  • Methodical Work Towards MS 224

    Methodical Work Towards MS 224

    Retread tyres need to be as safe as new tyres. We met with Kit Loong to fnd out how this can be ensured by having methods in place that ensure retreads meet the standards of MS 224.

    Some have voiced out that MS 224 by Sirim certifcation for retreaded tyres is not only time consuming, but also costly. Companies wanting to use this certifcation as proof of the quality they provide would have to submit tyres for evaluation as soon as the tread pattern changes. And not only that, the re-assessment takes place twice a year. While some may see this as a burden, Kit Loong’s Kenneth Teh, managing Director, Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group, hails this as a great tool to identify quality providers of retreaded tyres.

  • Wheels On The Bus

    Wheels On The Bus

    We have all been on one. A Bus is typically a vehicle for “mass transportation” of people. It can be of long distance travel, regional trips or inter-city journeys. People sometimes refer to these vehicles as coach, or urban city bus. Typically, buses can be broadly categorized as

    1. City Bus or Town Bus or Stage Bus (stops at many stages) within the city or town
    2. Inter-city Bus (characterized by trips with multi-stops in-between)
    3. Express Bus (usually long-distance trips non-stops trips)
    4. Other specific categories:- school bus, factory bus, tour bus & mini bus