KLCT has defined the external factors affecting potential tyre life in the innovative KL Sigma Formula as follows:

• about tyres & related products which includes new and retread tyres
• about service & maintenance of tyres and vehicles
• about rescue service response and turnaround time to breakdown due to tyres
• about scientific knowledge in relate to tyres, trucks’ mechanical, load and road, speed, etc.
• about coordination and overall management relating the all above 4 elements that make up to be the total of the 5 elements for tyre management

By managing these 5 elements, we will always aim to achieve the following KPI in tyre management as:

to the vehicle
to the vehicle efficiency
Cost effectiveness in the solutions used in achieving the above 2 objectives
In Control of the fleets mobility leading to better CPK (cost per kilometer) value in managing the above 3 factors

Disclaimer: Different environment has different KPI challenges

At KLCT, we have structurally defined the SIGMA (S) elements with further improvements to form KL Sigma 5 as service solutions, a foundation to achieve SC3 for effective tyre management



KL Sigma 5 is a structurally organised service solution that is derived from KL Sigma Formula, an innovative approach that addresses the challenges of total tyre management to ultimately reduce CPK (cost per kilometer) value for KLCT customer; that is reducing their fleet operation cost

The challenges of effective tyre management are defined with matching service solutions as below:

• Tyre & related products = KL Compass
• Maintenance & Services = KL Catalyst
• Outdoor Tyre Rescue Service = KL 24/7
• Scientific Knowledge = KL Competent
• Overall management = KL Connect

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