Tyre Management contracts are essentially arrangements where corporate fleets outsource all their tyre-related needs, encompassing products supply and related services, to professional tyre specialists.

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group is synergistically resourced to undertake tyre management projects for corporate fleets, in various contractual formats customized to suit the specific needs of individual fleet. For example, we offer "Variable Usage Contracts" such as CPK (cost per km), CPH (cost per hour), CPT (cost per tonne), CPM (cost per metre cube), etc. We also offer "Capped Budget Contracts" with fixed budgeted fees based on specific parameters. In addition, "Supply Contracts" with contracted product supply rates factored with stipulated scope of services and management inputs, are also available.

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group capitalizes on the strengths of our quality products supply capability, our extensive know-how resources, and our efficient service infrastructure to implement tyre management contracts effectively. Outsourced tyre management services, which are widely and successfully adopted by many commercial fleet companies in developed markets, are proven to deliver real benefits and advantages, such as improved efficiency, reduced tyre breakdowns, less downtime, better safety, higher productivity, and lower overall cost, among others. But the most desired and valued benefit is the transference of all the hassles of tyre management to the tyre specialist, thus freeing up invaluable time and resources of the fleet companies, which can be better deployed to focus on their core competencies and business growth activities.

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